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HTRI发布7.3版本-HTRI Xchanger Suite 7.3 Available

HTRI Xchanger Suite 7.3 Available NowPosted January 4, 2017
HTRI software Xchanger Suite version 7.3 is now available for licensed users to download. This version includes new features and updates to programs across the entire Xchanger Suite product line. Below are just a few of many improvements.
[*]We added an option to specify an initial heat load estimate for simulation calculations in Xist, Xhpe, and Xjpe to speed execution and improve chances of convergence.
[*]Initial heat load guess and convergence logic was enhanced to improve execution speed in Xist, Xhpe, and Xjpe.
[*]The issue of calculated pressure drops exceeding operating pressure in Xist, Xhpe, Xjpe, and Xace has been mitigated by limiting local pressures in each increment to a low limit, which allows calculations to continue and provide an answer. Warnings are issued when this occurs.
[*]New heat transfer and hydraulic methods were implemented in Xist to handle kettle bundles partially submerged in liquid.
[*]New pressure drop methods have been implemented for U-tube bends in Xist.
[*]Tubeside mist flow heat transfer correlations are now available for falling film evaporators in Xist.
[*]A new U-bend schedule report was added that shows row designation, number of U-bends, straight length, bend diameter, and total length for Xist and Xhpe.
[*]The installer can now update a machine with an earlier version (Xchanger Suite 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 or 7.2.1) or install a completely new version of Xchanger Suite 7.3. A previous version is not required.
[*]Any HTRI member with a verified login can now download and install Xchanger Suite 7.3. (Previously, only authorized accounts such as company contacts could download the Xchanger Suite installer.)
Based on feedback from our Beta testing program, proposed changes for the shellside condensation heat transfer coefficients have been postponed until a later release. Log in to the website to access the Release Notes for a complete list of updates

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